Personal Training

In Gries - Rhineland-Palatinate

In my personal training I combine the three pillars of health - nutrition - exercise - relaxation in order to put together an individual training concept for you. You benefit from my holistic advice and we can implement your wishes and goals with an individually tailored training plan.

Would you like to reduce weight, feel more flexible and vital and gain more energy for your everyday life? Then you are in the right place. Because health is not only about nutrition - health is not just about exercise and holistic health cannot be achieved through relaxation alone. Holistic health is the sum of all these building blocks. And here I would like to support you on your way to more health and well-being.

Individual training plan

At the beginning of the personal training, we discuss your personal goals which you want to achieve. Do you have a fitness goal that you would like to strive for, or a certain weight that you would like to achieve and maintain over the long term? We consider all of these things and include your eating habits, your possible food intolerances, as well as your very personal everyday life and your time schedule. From this we jointly develop a training plan tailored to you, which you can also permanently integrate into your life.

It is important for me that we reduce your constant stress, relax your muscles, find and eliminate the causes of your complaints such as back, neck or foot problems.

Nutrition - Exercise - Relaxation

We bring your three pillars of health into balance. With a nutrition plan created individually for you, we support the training effect that we achieve through the exercise plan. When it comes to exercise, we not only have the opportunity to increase your physical resilience through smovey® training, but can also achieve this with your own body weight (functional training). The third pillar of health -  relaxation - helps you to keep your training rhythm through regular breaks and to regenerate your body. For a healthy life in harmony with your body.

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Overview of my services (offered in person and virtual)

  • Training with your own body weight (functional training)
  • smovey® training
  • Outdoor endurance and cardiovascular training
  • Flexibility training / stretching / fascia training
  • Compensatory and corrective exercises against poor posture
  • Rehabilitation after surgery and injuries
  • Corporate fitness and company sports
  • Nutritional advice
  • Metabolic check to measure your current physical condition
  • Individual nutrition plan
  • Physical preparation for difficult surgeries like cancer and rehabilitation afterwards
  • Support for obesity through lifestyle changes
  • Diet change / sports nutrition

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