28 Days Life Change Programm

What's special about the Healthy Balance 28 Days Life Change Program? The secret lies in metabolism.

Everyone has very different regulatory mechanisms that affect the nervous system, hormones, digestion and metabolic processes. Genetic dispositions, the blood group, medication, psyche, stress and the movement and nutritional behavior of a person have a decisive influence on the individual metabolism.

Only when all regulatory mechanisms are in balance, can the metabolism work optimally. And only then is fat-burning and weight reduction possible.

'28 Days Life Change' is a special program within the healthy balance concept designed for detoxification, colon cleansing and metabolic optimization. It is not always about losing weight but also about detoxifying. It is about relieving and repairing our detoxification and digestive organs so that we can optimally metabolize food again and thus be well-functioning, balanced and symptom-free again. THAT needs to be our focus. Only in this way, is it possible to establish a lifestyle after the 28-day detox, which will enable us to be healthy in the long term.

What awaits you?

Week 1

Since your metabolism is also severely disrupted in many ways, the first few days will be a real challenge for your body and psyche. The program provides for a significant reduction of carbohydrate energy intake (no sugar, cereals, starch) as well as a changing energy density of meals. The intake of primarily liquid food in the form of high-quality protein and vital substance shakes requires habituation.

When switching from carbohydrate to lipid metabolism, withdrawal symptoms can occur, such as headache, body aches, lethargy and moodiness. Eating, however, is more than food intake. Our brain has learned to pair sweet, salty, fatty or alcoholic emotions. Eating is relaxation, socialization, distraction, habit, comfort, security. If we give up the familiar diet, we may have strong cravings. It is important not to pursue them because all of this is part of the necessary healing process. The first days we create the basis for an optimized lipid metabolism and the relief of your digestive and metabolic organs.

Rest, relaxation and moderate exercise in the fresh air support the changeover phase.

Week 2

At the latest, by the end of the second week the last withdrawal symptoms will diminish. Your body continues to make use of food and body fat as fuel. You will sleep better, be more balanced and alert. The intestines may still need some time to regenerate, which may be through flatulence. To maintain the basal metabolic rate, I recommend exercise to build muscle.

You should always consciously take time for yourself. Do something good for you. A sauna visit, a good book, lots of sleep, relaxation and mindfulness exercises relieve the adrenal glands and reduce the release of stress hormones.

Week 3

Half-time – you’re over the hump! It's getting easier now. You will receive your new nutritional plan with more delicious recipes. Meanwhile, animal proteins are allowed again. You may notice that your muscles and joints are less aching, the skin calms down, you can sleep better, and you are more efficient. We use the energy this week for short effective workouts with your own body weight. At the very latest,  by the end of the third week, your clothing will probably sit looser; your body will have a better shape.

Week 4

Protein shakes are gradually replaced by main meals. You will spend more time this week focusing on healthy cooking with little effort and how to incorporate your new eating habits into your work and family life. Important so close to the goal: despite the positive changes, keep focused, persevere and resist possible temptations. On the last day, we record all readings and once again perform a metabolic measurement to record the results obtained.

You did it! What happens next?

The 28 Days Life Change Program has done a lot, but is just the beginning of your journey. Four weeks is not long enough to achieve a complete cure. This will take time. But we have created the conditions for a functioning lipid metabolism. From now on, it is important to build a healthier, more conscious lifestyle and to permanently change your diet. For this I have a follow-up program (Weight Loss Plan or Health Plan) for you, where you eat the food that is optimal for you and your metabolism life-long.

A healthy, beautiful body is not the result of a diet, but the result of a permanently healthy lifestyle.

The 28 Days Life Change Program will help you

  • To cleanse your colon
  • Regulate inflammation and imbalances
  • Perform organ regeneration and body fat reduction
  • Optimize your metabolism
  • To support your detoxification with proteins, vitamins and intestinal powder from naturopathy
  • Reduce your weight and strengthen your muscles
  • To get more vitality and energy
  • To create awareness of vital foods
  • To set the basis for a long-term healthy and vital diet with a lifelong nutrition plan (health plan / weightloss plan)
  • Confirm your success with regular metabolic measurements

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