Weightloss Plan - Long-term and healthy weight loss

This nutritional program has been designed for long-term weight loss and lasting weight optimization. It comes entirely without dietary supplements, which can be added at any time to assist and support.

Based on health information, lifestyle and diet as well as the measured data collected, the 'Weight loss Plan' is determined individually for you from a selection of approx. 210,000 parameters (!).

It contains the foods, herbs and spices that your metabolism needs to lose weight permanently. The 'Weight loss Plan' nutrition program consists of two phases. The first phase is to activate the metabolism. With regular metabolic checks and consultations I support you on the way to more health, lightness, and vitality.

The second part of the plan – the maintenance phase -  is designed to optimize and sustain success. It expands the foods in the first part after 6-12 weeks and then serves as a future companion for a type-specific diet.

Weightloss Plan - Long-term and healthy weight loss

  • Lose weight permanently without the yo-yo effect
  • Without food supplements
  • Consists of 2 plans to activate the metabolism and stabilize it
  • Is individually tailored to you from 210,000 combinations
  • You can also get recipes, training videos and recommended foods via app
  • Developed by medical professionals
  • Regular metabolic checks

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