Health Plan

The Nutrition Program 'Health Plan' is designed for those who want to eat healthy and type-specific, to improve their health and performance, to gain weight and to shape their body (up to a 2-3 kg weight loss).

It is just the right program for all health-conscious people to stay healthy & vital lifelong. Based on health information, lifestyle and nutrition as well as the measured data collected, the 'Health Plan' is determined individually for you, from a selection of approx. 210,000 parameters (!).

Also in the Health Plan, I use regular metabolic checks to monitor progress and success.

The Health Plan is right for you:

  • To determine the individual foods that are optimal for you and your metabolism
  • To use recipes suitable for everyday use as a basis for individual nutrition
  • To confirm your success with regular metabolic measurements
  • To support you with my holistic online coaching
  • To significantly increase your quality of life with more lightness and vitality

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