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Smovey reactive movement training

Training with smovey is very easy and yet very effective, and this is exactly where the great success of the green rings lies. EVERYONE can use it to perform exercises and improve or stabilize their state of health.

The motto of movement with smoveys is 'movement based on nature' - natural movement sequences, the swing behavior of the arms, the natural straightening of the upper body, a springy, dynamic leg activity taking into account one's own physical perception and the well-being of the person come first .

Do you know the 'secret' of the many positive effects of smovey on the body and energy system?

smoveyVIBROSWING® is an innovative oscillating ring system, consisting of a spiral hose, four steel balls and a handle system with damping elements. As a result of the swing movement, the four freely moving steel balls begin to move as a free mass. In doing so, they pulsate against the grooves and spiral webs of the hose and generate noticeable vibrations in the palm of the hand.

Smovey reactive movement training

The vibration triggers a muscular reaction and so the deeper muscles and the fascia (connective tissue) can be better controlled. Depending on the mobility and condition of the user, the smoveyTRAINING has a very wide range of effects - effective and versatile!

In order to transfer this vibration to the palm of the hand in the best possible way, a very hard plastic tube with a foam rubber handle is used as the grip element. A damping element with a very low memory effect is attached to both ends of the tube. Different handle systems allow a wide variety of uses. Without swinging motion, the mass is 500 grams and increases many times over due to the centrifugal forces when swinging.

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  • Activates the surface AND the deep muscles
  • Promotes metabolism and fat burning
  • Supports the lymphatic system and detoxification
  • Mobilizes and strengthens fascia and connective tissue
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulates reflex zones and cell activity
  • Strengthens the immune system and the flow of energy
  • Relieves tension and blockages

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