Individual nutritional counseling for your ideal weight

“80% of all non-communicable diseases (NCD) are nutrition-related!” (WHO)

Would you like more lightness, more vitality, increased well-being, and to sustainably improve your health? Are you looking for an individual concept and a coach who will look after you holistically and support you in fulfilling your heart's desires?

The Metabolic Check is your start and determines the following parameters:

  • Your weight
  • Your body fat percentage
  • Your  waste-height ratio (WHtR)
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your metabolic age
  • Your metabolic Index
  • Your metabolic type
  • Your BMR

This unique metabolic measurement is the basis for your further path to improved health, vitality and quality of life, with the help of the below listed individual nutritional concepts.

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The 28 Days Life Change Program will help you

  • To cleanse your colon
  • Regulate inflammation and imbalances
  • Perform organ regeneration and body fat reduction
  • Optimize your metabolism
  • To support your detoxification with proteins, vitamins and intestinal powder from naturopathy
  • Reduce your weight and strengthen your muscles
  • To get more vitality and energy
  • To create awareness of vital foods
  • To set the basis for a long-term healthy and vital diet with a lifelong nutrition plan (health plan / weightloss plan)
  • Confirm your success with regular metabolic measurements

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The Health Plan is right for you:

  • To determine the individual foods that are optimal for you and your metabolism
  • To use recipes suitable for everyday use as a basis for individual nutrition
  • To confirm your success with regular metabolic measurements
  • To support you with my holistic online coaching
  • To significantly increase your quality of life with more lightness and vitality

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Weightloss Plan - Long-term and healthy weight loss

  • Lose weight permanently without the yo-yo effect
  • Without food supplements
  • Consists of 2 plans to activate the metabolism and stabilize it
  • Is individually tailored to you from 210,000 combinations
  • You can also get recipes, training videos and recommended foods via app
  • Developed by medical professionals
  • Regular metabolic checks

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