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Welcome to Best You - Your holistic coaching center for nutrition, fitness and health. Gain more lightness and well-being through the physiological and type-appropriate nutrition concept from healthy balance. I use a medically proven procedure to determine the foods that your metabolism needs.

With a choice of - but not limited to - various nutrition programs, I offer you a nutrition plan for your individual needs. Whether you want to lose weight, change your metabolism or find out which foods are best for you throughout your life.

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The motto of movement with smoveys is 'movement based on nature' - natural movement sequences, the swing behavior of the arms, the natural straightening of the upper body, a springy, dynamic leg activity taking into account one's own physical perception and the well-being of the person come first.

Do you know the 'secret' of the many positive effects of smovey on the body and energy system?

smoveyVIBROSWING® is an innovative oscillating ring system, consisting of a spiral hose, four steel balls and a handle system with damping elements. As a result of the swing movement, the four freely moving steel balls begin to move as a free mass. In doing so, they pulsate against the grooves and spiral webs of the hose and generate noticeable vibrations in the palm of the hand.

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My health philosophy has always been to move people to move themselves. People come to me who are aware that they have to do something for their own health and who need support in doing so. In order to awaken the best in you, you not only need a strong will, but also a strong PLAN! I will accompany you until you reach your goal! My coaching is based on the three pillars of health: nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

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